Digital Printing on Glass for Small Businesses

The glass industry is becoming one of the fastest-growing segments when it comes to non-traditional decorative works. It is also increasingly popular in the industrial printing market due to its functional and aesthetic properties. 

Thanks to developments in printing processes and technology, glass printing has an incredibly wide application that can be used in large scale corporate settings in addition to the home. 

As well as offering value in commercial settings, artists now specialising in glass art such as Trevor M Hirst have shown how it can be used to create amazing pieces of art enjoyed by anyone. 

There are now many different ways to print on glass, involving a wide variety of glass types, ink types, ink colours, curing process, and environmental conditions. We explore some of the biggest developments and benefits of digital printing.

Digital Printing on Glass

As long as you have a high-resolution image that is suited to the glass medium, digital printing on glass is reliable and easy. You can transfer a wide range of images onto glass using this method and several artists rely on it to create their glass artworks like Trevor M Hirst.

It takes substantially less work to produce artworks with digital printing than many other processes and when developed by experts, you can achieve great vibrancy and opacity in the finished product, allowing us to achieve even the most sophisticated designs.

When rendering lighter colours, multiple layers may be required with digital printing on glass, and if commissioning your own design, it’s recommended you seek advice about the printing process first so that you’re able to achieve exactly the right colours and tones you were hoping for.

Digital printing on glass is undergoing continuous developments to accommodate more types of inks and visual effects.

Digital Printing for Your Business

The commercial world is one of the major drivers of digital printing demand. Technology innovations have redefined the way it's used in business environments, whether that’s actual offices or multi-use commercial spaces. 

One of the best things about printing on glass is that you can work at extremely high resolutions and images can be easily printed across multiple panels to create large motifs.

Many shop and small business owners also look to glass printing to add something special to their signage and branding capabilities.

Benefits of Digital Printing on Glass for Small Businesses

  • Makes great signage for businesses, restaurants and bars that easily be front or back-lit for extra impact
  • Requires almost no maintenance 
  • Incredibly simple and easy to clean
  • Can make your brand, logo, slogan or retail theme stand out more with a unique visual effect
  • When printed on windows or door panels, can improve shading capacity and reduce the need for blinds or air conditioning
  • Can create a futuristic and sleek feel that differs from more commonplace material choices

Discover Digital Printing on Glass 

Developments in digital printing techniques mean the quality and flexibility of printing on glass is now incredibly impressive. 

To see how we've created great artworks using digital printing methods, check out our online collection at Culzean Gifts, including our popular Trevor M Hirst artwork collection.

December 29, 2020 — Paul Winrow