Culzean Gift's Engraving Services UK Online!

Culzean Gift's Engraving Services UK Online!

Best Engraving Services; To deliver your message on any gift!

Are you looking for the best engraving services UK company to create a lasting message or logo on your gift?

Or, are you looking for 'engraving services near me' and want to get your products engraved locally? 

Well, you should highly consider our quality engraving services! Culzean Gifts doesn’t just offer local engraving - we offer nationwide online engraving services. Whether it’s plaque engraving, watch engraving, jewellery engraving you need or glass engraving - we have the tools for the job!

Let’s look at just some of the types of engraving we do!

Wood engraving

Wood engraving is one of our specialities. If there’s a message that you need engraving onto wood - we can do it! Yes, that’s right; we can tailor any message on any wood gift and we also have a range of personalised wooden gifts in to choose from such as our personalised wine box. Which is a beautifully crafted box with 4 wine tools - that, of course, comes with any message of your choice!

You should also check out our wooden plinths for ornaments or sculptures!

wood engraving services

Glass engraving

We’re proud to offer some of the best glass engraving services in the country! We can take any glass item and turn it into a masterpiece for any home.

Whether it’s a personal gift for yourself; or you want to show someone how much you appreciate them with a glass engraved gift. Then, you should check out Culzean Gifts for your glass engraved present.

We also have plenty of glass engraving items in stock such as our personalised champagne flutes and personalised wine glasses.

engraved champagne flutes services

Brass plaque engraving

We offer one of the best plaque engraving services in the country - we promise you this! Our years of skills and our etching machines, let us create any style of brass engraving.

We understand how important it is when getting a plaque engraved. For example, your plaque may be to award a sports team for having the best season in their history. Or, it may be for a war memorial. However, don’t worry - we will make sure it’s expertly crafted - that’s our promise.

Let’s look at some ideas for our plaque engraving services.

These include:

Engraved plaques for outdoors and benches

If you want to leave a special message for any outdoor item such as a bench - we can do this for you. 

Trophy plaques

It may be for a football, basketball, netball or just about any other sport - that you need an engraved trophy plaque with a message.

Engraved glass plaques

Engraved glass plaques are one of our specialities. We can take a glass plaque and style it any way you want - with any logo of your choice.

House name plate brass

Want to add a message on the exterior of your home? You should try our house nameplate brass engraved services. We will take your house nameplate and style it any way you like. Whether it’s a funny or meaningful message - Culzean Gifts can create it!

Antique brass plaque

We enjoy any antique brass plaque engraving work. All of our customers love the work we do with their antique brass plaque. 

We can take your plaque and style it any way you desire - such as font-size - or adding a logo.

Our work stays looking premium quality for years upon years.

We also offer glass plaque engraving - which is a great gift idea!

Plaque engraving services

Pet memorials

Any pet owner knows how difficult it is when a pet passes away - including us pet owners at Culzean Gifts.

This is one of the reasons we offer pet memorials engraving services. All you need to do is send us your pet plaque and message. Then, we will take care of the rest for you.

Are you interested in unique gifts? Check out our wall hanging 3D stag head gifts!

Jewellery engraving

Jewellery is either something we wear for style - or because it has sentimental value. So, we don’t you make the piece extra special with our jewellery engraving services.

We can engrave any message on your jewellery. You can surprise a friend or loved one with a beautifully crafted message on a piece of jewellery - such as a bracelet or a necklace piece. Or, it may be that special time in life for you and your partner - and you need your ring engraved. We will create a message of your choice - that you will appreciate forever.

We’re only a phone call away to answer any of your questions on our jewellery etching!

Watch engraving

This really comes under jewellery engraving - however, we thought it deserved its own mention. Watch engraving is something of special value - we understand this! Any message on a watch is usually of the highest sentimental value. So, rest assured, we use the best technologies to craft a perfect message on any timepiece.

Whether you need to watch engraving for a loved one - or just to show a friend how much they mean to you. We promise to deliver quality that you will appreciate.

Laser etching

We have the tools and technologies to create laser etching on basically anything! Without boring you - let’s have a quick look at our technologies;

  1. C02 Yag
  2. Fibre Laser

Okay, that’s the laser etching technologies out of the way - let’s look at exactly what we offer!

We use a precise method of achieving high-quality images and accurate layouts onto metal, especially when dealing with irregular or curved surfaces. 

We offer custom glass etching near you!

Engraved dog tags

Add a unique message to the collar of your furry friend - with one of our engraved dog tags. You can engrave your address and phone number on to the dog tag. So, if you ever lose your dog; you can be assured that someone may bring it back.

However, it doesn't have to be your information on the engraved dog tag - you can just add a loving message.

We’re only a phone call away to answer any of your questions on our engraved dog tags!

Engraved pocket watch

Looking for the perfect gift for him (or her). Then, why not choose an engraved pocket watch. You can choose a lovely message to be engraved on any style of pocket watch.

Final Thoughts

We promise to offer you premium services on every single one of your products. We understand how important that message is on any gift - which is why we want to take the burden of creating a masterpiece for you.

If you have questions - contact us: 

Did you know we do online photo prints?

November 09, 2019 — Magic Toolbox Collaborator
Engraved Gifts for him, her and anyone that appreciates personalised gifts!

Engraved Gifts for him, her and anyone that appreciates personalised gifts!

Culzean Gifts Personalised glassware ideas 

Being one of the UK’s best-personalised gifts companies - we thought we would share with you some of our favourite engraved glassware gifts. For example, our beautiful personalised champagne flutes; one for any champagne lover - or maybe just for someone who appreciates unique gifts.

This year has passed us by super-fast - and Christmas is almost upon us. So, it’s important to start buying them gifts for him, her and the rest of the family - so we can avoid them Christmas December dashes

Okay, let’s look at some present ideas for Christmas.

Personalised Champagne Flutes

Our personalised champagne glasses are one of our favourite gifts. Perfect for Christmas, weddings or anniversaries. This set of champagne flutes is made with the highest quality glass and craftsmanship - which is why it would sit flush on any mantlepiece in the home. Also, we should mention that this set of engraved glasses comes in a beautiful linen box.

Engraved champagne glasses

Engraved whiskey glass

Any drinker of the good stuff will appreciate receiving this engraved whiskey glass as a present - or maybe you’d prefer to keep this one all for yourself! You can put any logo, crest or words on this whiskey glass; you can personalise it any way you like and make it a truly unique design.

engraved whiskey glass

Personalised gin glass

We’re now in a new era where the amount of gin lovers has skyrocketed. So, why don’t you surprise a gin lover you know - with one of our personalised gin glasses. You can add any wording or logo you like. You just simply click the glass; then start adding a special message or name. Maybe you’re a gin lover and you want to create a message that leaves a smile on your face - every time you have a tipple.

Personalised gin glass

Lead crystal tankard

This engraved pint glass is a great way to say thank you to somebody. Or, it’s just the right gift for any sporting or corporate event. You can embed any message on this elegant design. Or, if you’re buying for a sporting event - you can add any logo of your choice.

Lead crystal tankard

Engraved glass tankard

The engraved glass tankard is hand blown with a half Golf Ball design moulded into the base. It has a large glass engraving area that can be personalised with any club crest, logo or wording to make an ideal golf-related gift that is sure to be well received.

engraved glass

Engraved vase

This engraved vase has a bubble base and is a contemporary style. It is an ideal personalised gift that comes with any logo, crest or wording and is sure to be treasured by the recipient and displayed with pride!

Engraved vase

Personalised diamante vase

This conical personalised engraved glass vase has a beautiful design - a spiral detail with 3 Swarovski crystals bonded to the side of the vase. Thus, making it one of the most stunning gifts. There is an engraving area that can be personalised with any logo, crest or wording making it the perfect keepsake gift for any special occasion or achievement.

Personalised diamante vase

Engraved trophy 

This stunning personalised plaque produces a myriad of gorgeous reflections that further enhance its appearance. Each personalised glass plaque from Culzean Gifts is supplied in its own satin lined presentation box - making it a top gift for anybody. The box sits neatly in any home or trophy cabinet.

personalised trophy

Final thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our list of personalised glassware ideas. As you can see - we provide just about any type of personalised gift!

If you have enjoyed this post; you will love our Christmas gift ideas post!

November 01, 2019 — Stuart Cooper
Christmas Gift Ideas For all the family!

Christmas Gift Ideas For all the family!

Christmas Gift Ideas - for him, her and all the family!

It’s almost here - that special time of year. Christmas is just around the corner and we’re very excited. So, we thought we’d take away a little of the Christmas shopping stress and provide you with a list of essentials Christmas gift ideas - that we think you will love!

The reality of Christmas shopping? Stress-filled, well-intentioned folk buying sad, unwanted presents in a hassled environment… Sound about right? Why not skip the whole frenzied shopping experience and buy your presents with the click of a button from the comfort of your own home, cuppa tea in hand watching your favourite soaps. 

And if October sounds too early to deal with Christmas shopping, think again. Putting off buying presents until nearer the big day means you’ll likely spend more than you need to, making an already pricey month cost even more. Spending closer to Christmas can also mean the selection is drastically reduced and panic kicks in that you can’t find your perfect Christmas gifts. 

On average, adults in the UK each expect to spend £412 on Christmas presents and activities this year. That translates into £20.5 billion worth of spending across the country – a serious amount of cash. If you’re spending all this cash you need to make sure you’re buying the perfect gifts that you’re loved ones will love. Well, Culzean Gifts have you covered. From Prosecco aprons to engraved whiskey tumblers, we have the perfect Christmas gift ideas for him or her. There’s even plenty of Christmas gifts that the children will also love. 

 christmas gift ideas, christmas gift ideas for him, christmas gift ideas for her


Diamante engraved glasses

Show someone how much you appreciate them with a set of personalised wine glasses. You can almost see the shock on your loved one’s face when they unwrap this gift and see the quality that’s gone into them. Also, they come in a beautiful box - giving that extra special touch for your Christmas gift.

View our personalised wine glasses and personalised champagne flutes here!


Adult Santa apron

What better way to cook Christmas dinner - than wearing a Santa apron! Lighten up the kitchen with this fun Christmas decorative apron. It also comes with a cute drawstring bag to store it in.

View our Santa apron Christmas gift here.



4 piece luxury wine box

This is one of our favourite festive gifts. This beautifully crafted box comes with; Hand multi-tool, Bottle opener, Wine pourer and Fold-out corkscrew All of the above comes in a high-quality hinged wooden box.

 View our personalised wine box here.

Prosecco Apron

There’s usually a Prosecco lover in every family! So, buy this Prosecco apron for that member in your family - and make them super-happy this Christmas! This fun Christmas apron comes with a matching drawstring bag to store it in. However, I don’t think the lucky receiver of this Christmas gift will want to take it off!

 View our Prosecco apron Christmas gift here.

Hammer Bottle stopper

A top unique Christmas gift that sits perfectly in a bottle of bubbly - to make sure that bottle stays fresh in the fridge. Anyone that likes a glass of wine or bubbly, will thank you for this special gift!

 View our hammer bottle stopper Christmas gift here.

A kid’s Christmas apron

Let the children get involved with the Christmas baking: with this fun and decorative snowman apron. The children will enjoy cooking festive treats - alongside you in their Christmas apron.

View our children's apron Christmas present here.


5 piece cheese block knife set

We have the best cheese gifts for you to choose from! Are you looking for the perfect engraved cheese board - to give to someone of Christmas day? We have you covered.

Enjoy your festive cheese treats in style with this 5 piece cheese block knife set. This knife set is the perfect gift for any cheese lover! It comes with separate knives making sure.

View our cheese block Christmas gift here.

Personalised A4 print direct onto glass

Creating the perfect customised gift for your loved one can be an impossible task, but this personalised A4 print on state of the art frames will produce a memorable gift that they will treasure forever. Whereas some gifts are easily forgotten about, keepsake gifts that have been personalised are usually treasured forever. 

View our online glass photo prints here.

3D stag head

These perfect presents will be sure to brighten up any room. They are supplied flat back and are super easy to assemble, even for those who aren’t DIY gifted!  You won’t have to worry about your loved one receiving a gift twice with this quirky one-off design. 

View our wall hanging 3D stag head here.

3D bird wall art

If you like unique art and appreciate things that are a little different from the ordinary. Then, you should check out our 3D bird wall art range. Simply set the wall art up within a few minutes - then attach it to your wall. Simple - but such a beautiful art addition to your wall!

3D bird wall art

Personalised Great British cheeseboard 

Who doesn’t love cheese? And cheese at Christmas is a must! This personalised Great British engraved cheese board is ideal for displaying all your festive treats to indulge on Christmas day. Once the festivities are over, you can still have this great piece of artwork on display to make your kitchen stand out all year round. What a 'Grate' gift for the cheese connoisseur in your life! 

With online delivery and no need to lug heavy shopping bags home in the pouring rain, it’s no surprise that people are opting for online shopping. With only 10% of people now doing their Christmas shopping online, it’s no surprise online-only companies are thriving in this new market. 

View our personalised cheese boards here.

October 18, 2019 — Stuart Cooper
A brighter world...

A brighter world...

The greening of our products starts with the material we use. The versatile Perspex® cast acrylic we use is made in the UK and has been since 1934.
June 20, 2019 — Stuart Cooper
The Great Tit - Fast facts

The Great Tit - Fast facts

A woodland bird which has adapted to man-made habitats which is why they have become a familiar visitor in your garden...
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Location location location

Location location location

Things to consider when choosing where to position your nestbox include...

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