3 Best Practices for Choosing Wall Art for Your Home

Wall hangings, art, photos and glass printed picture wall art all serve an important role in your home’s style. 

Great prints, photographs and glass art pieces will draw the gaze of visitors and add a feeling of unity to any space.  

However, the secret for finding great art and installations is finding something that matches your space, your personal preferences and other pieces of decoration in your home.  

We outline a few basic guidelines for how you can pick the right pieces for your home, based on size, style, colour and theme considerations.

Choose Things You Actually Like 

Before you read too many blogs online about the best approach to interior design, keep in mind that if you don’t actually like it, you shouldn’t buy it. 

So many people pick items that they know are loved by others, but actually have very little connection to themselves. 

Avoiding this is our best piece of advice for creating a home atmosphere you love and appreciate. Look for wall art that immediately fosters feelings of enjoyment or relaxation. 

You may need to make compromises with your partner or family for what “good” actually looks like, but you certainly shouldn't put anything on the wall that you don’t like. 

Consider Size Considerations 

With wall art, it gets difficult to create a well organized and balanced space if you don’t consider size considerations. It’s best not to go out looking for anything with no idea about the size you need to fill a particular wall or to complement other hanging wall prints. 


A few tips are:

  • Don’t use a small piece of art to fill a big space. If you like small, simply group multiple prints together in rows or create clusters of prints where each piece compliments another
  • Don’t choose pictures that are too big for your furniture, such as pieces that are more than two-thirds longer than your sofa
  • Photos should be at least 15 centimetres above the edge of your furniture
  • Consider the height of ceilings when choosing the size and make sure that the frame fills the space in length and width 


There is more allowance for the use of bold colour schemes when choosing prints compared to other things like your wallpaper, but the palette should not differ completely from the colour of your walls or other decorative items. 

Sticking to a consistent scheme which is cohesive, sophisticated, and complementary is the best approach. Below are some additional colour tips.

  • Stay away from fluorescent and neon colours as these do not always match with neutral wall colours
  • Consider using the same colour as your walls or other prints but in different shades to create a continuation, such as various blue and navy shades. A light blue and white painting looks beautiful with a navy-blue wall
  • When in doubt, remember that black and white match everything 


There are so many amazing themes to use to inspire your decorative choices, such as rainforest, desert, oriental, rustic and more. 

Also, an inspiration piece for a room could be used to define your theme, which could be your most prized piece of art, a sofa or a piano, for example. 

Once you find an inspiration piece to determine the colour scheme of your room, focus on designing a set palette and some complementary colours that you can use when looking for the perfect wall art. 

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January 20, 2021 — Paul Winrow