How Does Memorial Plaque Engraving Work?

Memorial plaques are a highly functional and meaningful way to commemorate someone or an event. They can be used for buildings, exterior and interior walls, benches, trophies, vehicles, gravestones and other applications that allow you to celebrate something meaningful.

As well as being a practical object that is relatively easy to produce to a high standard, it is a dignified way of honouring a loved one. At Culzean Gifts, we’ve helped develop commemorative plaques for a number of customers and have a wealth of experience when it comes to deciding on the most suitable materials and styles for specific settings.

Types of Memorial Plaque Engraving

Memorial plaques are traditionally made out of metal, wood or stone, but ceramics and other materials can also be used depending on the engraving style, image and setting. 

There are certain fonts and text styles that will suit certain materials, and the relationship between materials and setting can also play a part in how suitable your memorial plaque is for its intended purpose.  

Engraving Photos and Images

New digital engraving technology allows us to engrave intricate and complex designs along with text. Various photos and predesigned images can now be incorporated into a plaque design, using computer controlled engraving to achieve a professional and aesthetically clean effect.

Tips for Placing Engraved Memorial Plaques

When choosing a memorial plaque, it is important to consider where the plaque will be located. It could be a standalone piece, attached to a wall, or fixed to a piece of furniture like a bench. Some plaques are even fixed to trees. 

A few potential locations for your engraved memorial plaque are:

  • Benches or statues - many people choose to add a small memorial plaque with a short inscription to the bench and statue plaques.
  • Artwork - a plaque just below a treasured artwork or portrait painting works perfectly.
  • The walls of churches or fallen structures - plaques are sometimes used to remember fallen churches or buildings. This is a unique way to recognise historical events and the passing of time that can be honoured by a community and can sometimes be used when new commercial developments are built on old sites.
  • Theatre seats - theatres can choose to dedicate special seats to the memory of a famous person or historical figure. 
  • Urns for cremation memorials - people who choose to be cremated may wish to have a memorial plaque on a decorative urn or on a cremation memorial.
  • Trees - planting a tree in memory of a loved one or adding a plaque to an existing tree is a great way to commemorate someone's life.

Choosing Your Memorial Plaque Engraving Style

The engraved lettering of the inscription can be done in a number of different fonts and it’s important to determine the style that is best suited to the material you have selected, as well as the location your plaque will reside.

Some fonts require a deep cut which may not look sharp or clear on particular types of material. Others will look more friendly or casual, which might be more appropriate for the person or event you are commemorating.

Equally, the font you choose may also be affected by the length of your message and the size of the plaque itself. For example, some fonts are not suited to smaller letter sizes.

Inquire About Our Engraved Plaque Services

If you’d like to find out more about our processes or inquire about the cost of ordering a personalized memorial plaque for business or personal reasons, get in touch with us at Culzean Gifts.

January 30, 2021 — Paul Winrow
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