5 Ways to Remember a Loved One with a Memorial Plaque

When a loved one has passed, there are a few immediate events that will take place to commemorate their time and share memories with friends, family and old acquaintances.  

However, many of these activities will happen quite quickly and having a more long-term way to celebrate someone’s life can play an important role in many people’s lives.  

While there are many wonderful ways to remember a loved one, we’ve listed a few ideas for anyone thinking about using memorial plaque engraving to honour the life and achievements of someone close. 


  1. Add an Engraved Plaque to a Remembrance Bench 

A bench is sometimes a good enough symbol of someone’s life on its own when placed as it is in the favourite place of your loved one or simply in your back garden. However, a small engraved plaque can help to personalise the object and signal to others of its importance, whether that’s visitors or grandchildren. 

You don’t need to overcomplicate it if you want to keep things simple. The words “In memory of” followed by the name of the person or people you are memorialising can be all you need.  

If you want to add a poem or note, then you can also do this. Or, if an organisation has donated your bench or helped to fund it, you could consider adding their name too.


  1. Add a Plaque Next to a Flower Patch or Outdoor Area 

If your loved one particularly loved a certain spot in the garden, or perhaps they were avid gardeners themselves, you could consider adding a small plaque just in front of a bed of flowers. Flowers are naturally associated with remembrance too, so this could be a good idea as an alternative to a gravestone.  

Also, certain flower varieties can denote specific ideas – such as red roses signifying love and courage, yellow roses standing for friendship, lilies meaning purity, and chrysanthemums evoking truth. You can play with these elements to create the perfect remembrance corner that you and your family can share. 


  1. Next to a Water Feature  

If you have a pond in your garden, you could add a memorial plaque either next to it or even inside it. You could also create a viewpoint or standing platform next to a stream with a small memorial plaque.


  1. Commemorative Tree Plaques 

A lovely way to remember a special person is to give them a gift that grows. An engraved tree plaque can be the perfect symbol of life and renewal that honours someone’s memory long after they have passed.  

A certain species or type might also have significance for someone and will add another special touch to the arrangement. 

Memorial plaques could be placed directly next to the tree or in front of it. And if you don’t already have a tree that’s suitable for this purpose, you could conduct a special tree-planting ceremony that also offers a special way to celebrate someone and bring people together. 


  1. Memorial Plaques for Buildings 

Memorial plaque engraving can also work with buildings of all types. From houses to sheds, or even purpose-built summer gardens could be a worthy choice for a dedication. For example, if your loved one was a painter, you might want to add a plaque to their outdoor studio space, or if they were active in the community, perhaps you could arrange for a public building to be adorned with a memorial plaque.  

If you’re looking for ideas for memorial plaque engraving or want to see the different styles and materials you can choose from, get in touch with us at Culzean Gifts.

March 18, 2021 — Paul Winrow