Lasers are suitable for a wide variety of applications today. Laser marking, or laser etching, is just one of them and is one of the most accessible and practical ways to adapt metal surfaces to feature different symbols, images or text, whether that’s in the commercial world or for domestic usage.  

Laser marking is an extremely versatile process that many decorative manufacturers rely on too. Artistic patterns and images can be etched into all types of metal to leave you with an appealing finish that works with several different interior design schemes. 

We explore some of the ins and outs of laser marking and consider why it might be the best option for your next personalised gift purchase or office signage project. 


A No-Contact Process 

Laser marking doesn't require any physical contact between different pieces of equipment and the material you are trying to alter.  

You won’t need a saw, burr or any other type of tool to insert into the material, which would require huge amounts of energy and could potentially lead to abrasion and damage of your core material.  

Any cutting or etching is limited to specific areas and your object will be able to retain its full integrity.



Scratching precise patterns and images into metal by hand is no doubt a masterful skill to have. Many jewellery makers are still pioneering this technique and can produce incredible works of art.  

However, high precision laser marking technology means that anyone can enjoy 100% accurate designs and patterns with minimal effort.


Identical Marking for Large Batches 

The same precision is also achievable across as many batches as you want to create. Laser marking can be used to mark a large number of products with a set design as part of a mass production setup.  

This can be useful for brands who want to mark their products with the same logos and branding elements, or for organisations that require plenty of spare parts. 


Perfect for Several Materials 

The same laser marking system is suitable for a variety of materials. Whether you want to work with various metals, like structural steels, stainless steels, different aluminium grades, or with wood, you can rely on laser marketing. 


Environmentally Safe 

Laser marking is a more environmentally safe and responsible way of etching. It doesn’t use as much energy compared to other cutting and marking techniques and doesn't produce any toxic byproducts. 


It’s Fast 

Laser marking systems allow you to produce results in an incredibly fast time. From the conception and design phase to final production, you can have your items rendered in no time at all. 

If you make a purchase from our online store for any laser etched gifts, we’ll have them completely finalised in no time with no delay from lengthy manufacturing or cutting processes. 



Laser marking is permanent and offers high contrast finishing over very long periods of time. You might need to polish or clean your item occasionally to ensure the very best appearance, but you’ll be able to observe it in all its glory for many years to come. The same can't be said for plastics or wood signage. 

Engraved or etched steel and brass items are incredibly popular today, just as they always have been. So, it’s likely that your etched decorative item or commercial asset won’t go out of fashion any time soon. 


Want to Learn More? 

Laser marking is capable of engraving most metals, but if you’re unsure about whether laser etching is the right choice for your personalised gift item, office signage or memorial plaque, let us know and we'll address any queries you might have.

March 25, 2021 — Paul Winrow