A Guide to Glass & Perspex Printing

There have been some quite fun and impressive developments in wall art over the years. Often led by trends in the world of interior design, displaying art or pictures has evolved from using simply paint on canvas to incorporating new materials like glass, with new technologies and processes to deliver vibrant and captivating artworks for the home or office environment.  

Canvas vs Glass  

Traditional canvas has typically been a popular but traditional choice for wall prints. Artists across the world have used this material together with paints to compose beautiful works of art.  

More recently, people have chosen to print their favourite images or artworks onto canvas using ink and special printers. Both of these methods are still incredibly popular today.  

Glass & Perspex pictures offer a more modern alternative which has been increasing in popularity due to new methods of glass printing making it easier and cheaper to create great artwork using this medium.  

Also, it offers many benefits compared to canvas, which is more likely to fade when exposed to direct sunlight, or become damaged due to improper handling and pollutants in the home environments, such as smoke, dust and cleaning products. 

Benefits of Glass Printing 

Below are a few key reasons why you might want to choose glass printing instead of traditional canvas. 

Light and Aesthetic Glow 

Glass photos seem to glow when combined with great lighting, whether that is natural light or manmade fixtures in the home. The translucent properties of glass prints create a feeling of vibrancy and illumination, where traditional canvas is naturally more flat. 

As such, they are great for people who like brighter rooms, with glass creating a unique vibrancy while adding additional reflective potential in any given space. 


Oil and acrylic on canvas create an amazing texture. The best artists are able to deliver lifelike scenes in various tones and textures that are perfect for many interior spaces. However, glass & Perspex pictures have an altogether unique and distinct texture that looks great when mounted on a wall. 

This is a more smooth, elegant and sharp effect which is great for rooms that are trying to achieve a more modern look. Many interior designers and decorators are huge advocates of using glass for this reason.  


Assuming you fix your prints appropriately to the wall and don’t live somewhere that’s prone to earthquakes, your glass prints will retain their original strength, durability and charm for many years to come. 

Unlike canvas, glass is incredibly easy to wipe clean and won’t be affected by moisture or direct sunlight. This means it will last much longer.


As mentioned, glass prints are easy to wipe free of dust and any stains. All you need to do to make your glass canvas glisten as bright as the day you bought it is to run a wet cloth over it, and maybe some glass polish. 

Sometimes smoke from indoor chimney fires can make the glass hazy, but this can be treated easily enough with special glass surface cleaner. 

Water Proof 

They are resistant to moisture and can be used in all types of wet rooms such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, sauna rooms and even outdoor spaces. On the other hand, a traditional canvas is not able to withstand these conditions.


Glass prints are a more modern take on traditional wall art pieces. They’re incredibly stylish, vibrant and add a level of modern sophistication to any interior space. 

Discover Glass Wall Art

Whether you want to create your own prints using family photos, or perhaps choose a piece of unique artwork created by an artist, this is a great way to add a personal touch to your home. For more on glass and Perspex printing methods and options, get in touch with us at Culzean Gifts

November 24, 2020 — Paul Winrow