Going with Glass Wall Art this Year? Here’s Our Advice

Glass is a versatile material that has been used for centuries as a decorative element in both domestic and commercial settings. With the advent of new glass types and manufacturing, engraving and printing procedures, many brands and talented artists are now able to design glass objects that make for a great gift idea or home improvement purchase.  

Specifically, glass wall art has become widely used as a sophisticated and beautiful alternative to more traditional mediums like canvas. In fact, you can see beautiful pieces of modern glass wall art in homes all over the world, with a robust community of glass work artists dedicated to the trade.  

If you’re considering a piece of glass wall art for yourself or a loved one, we’ve outlined some useful considerations that might help you make a decision on what to buy. 

Key Benefits of Glass Decorative Pieces 

  • Unique appeal - Glass wall art and decorative items are available in many different textures, colours, designs, and prints that can add a personal and stylish touch to your space. Through its natural properties, glass can also help reflect light across a room and increase depth perception.  
  • Durability - Glass is used in both interior and exterior environments and is toughened to minimize cracking. It is also heat resistant and will not deteriorate due to high levels of moisture or damp.  
  • Hygiene - Glass wall art is incredibly easy to clean. Unlike traditional acrylic or oil on canvas pieces that you would never dream of cleaning with a cloth or brush, glass art can be wiped and polished to the point of glistening. It also has the advantage of hiding marks or scratches. 
  • Versatility - There’s no setting that a piece of glass wall art won’t suit. As long as you pay attention to the colours and design style, it can complement pretty much any interior design environment. 

Framed Glass Wall Art 

Perhaps one of the most iconic uses of glass as a decorative piece in the home is framed glass artwork. Whether you choose enthralling abstract designs of Trevor M Hirst, or prefer traditional landscape scenery, glass has a way of providing unrivalled depth and vivid colours, brightening up any room. 

Combine this with some carefully planned lighting and you’ll be able to illuminate your chosen artwork in a way that would never be possible with traditional painting or prints, with reflections and backdrop lighting all adding to the special experience. 

Glass Pictures for Your Walls 

Many families enjoy featuring individual portraits and group photographs on their walls. With glass printing and engraving technology, there are now many options to have these same much-loved scenes created on glass, adding a unique twist to this decorative classic.  

Offering a great sense of timelessness and value, these items are great gift ideas and can be used to commemorate special moments or milestones. 

Create a Magical Atmosphere 

While some household decorative and furniture materials offer a level of reflection, such as marble or polished concrete and tile, many of the materials we choose to use in our home are naturally opaque, such as wood. However, glass is one of the best options you have to introduce another dimension into your living space. 

If you’re trying to create a truly magical atmosphere at home, with a theme that is unique to you and your family, glass pictures for your wall are one of the easiest ways you can achieve this, with vibrant and exciting colours and textures elicited through the unique medium.  

Animals, wildlife scenes, seascapes and more can all be rendered with glass to offer an even more captivating experience that your guests will love.  

Find Your Perfect Piece

Glass wall artwork and pictures are an ideal option if you are looking to add some unconventional beauty to your space. It is also hygienic, durable, and versatile, coming in a range of different sizes and colours. 

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for loved ones or want to find the perfect piece for your own abode, take a look at our full range of glass home decor and art pieces at Culzean Gifts.

November 22, 2020 — Paul Winrow