Should I Buy Glass Artworks?

We’re always looking for something new. And in your search for great statement pieces for your home or office, you may have come across glass artworks. 

While classic paint on canvas is usually a safe bet when it comes to choosing new art that will stand the test of time, it can be harder to decide whether glass art is worth the investment. Is it just a temporary fad? Will it seem outdated in 10 years time? 

These are valid questions you should ask yourself when purchasing any piece of artwork. We explore the answer to some of these queries and outline why glass could be a great addition to your home and art collection.  

What is Glass Art? 

We can now print on glass and render incredible effects using new glass printing technology. Together with the naturally translucent quality of glass, this allows us to create some truly amazing pieces of art on glass. 

Having said this, simply printing something on glass doesn’t make it "art" necessarily. You can't just choose any classic print, painting or photograph and hope that it will come out well once you’ve transferred it onto the glass. Producing great art prints on glass takes a bit more planning and consideration for the process.  

This doesn’t mean that certain glass printed items like family photos are not worth having. In fact, they can offer much more appeal and novelty than a standard printed photograph on paper.  

But, to call something glass art, we are usually referring to something that has been specially made to cater to the properties of glass, using shapes, patterns, colours and other techniques to produce something that looks uniquely enthralling on glass. 

Artwork on Glass 

At the moment, printing to glass is increasingly popular in Europe, and it may become more popular in the US as the trend spreads globally. Generally, owning a glass piece of art is still quite unique and if this is what you want from your purchase, glass is a great alternative to more traditional canvas art pieces. 

It’s hard to achieve certain levels of accuracy and vibrancy on glass unless you know how the material works and have the best technology to render the images you want. This is why prints that look great on canvas or paper won’t really turn out that well when transferred to glass. 

To achieve an amazing effect, you will have to choose images that have certain qualities or be an artist who has a good working knowledge of the medium to craft your artwork so that it is impactful, accurate and vibrant when produced on the glass. 

Who is Producing Glass Art? 

At Culzean Gifts, we work closely with our clients and customers to create great works of art. This can involve consulting individuals or businesses on specific image preferences and helping them to be produced to great effect on glass. 

We are also incredibly proud to work with artists like Trevor M Hirst whose works of art are perfectly matched for glass printing processes. Through our technology and methods, as well as Trevor’s unique style and understanding of the medium, we are able to produce some truly remarkable pieces of glass art that, when combined with the right environment and lighting, can look incredible.

Many of our customers are also professional photographers, interior designers and corporations making significant investments in artwork, and we are happy to work directly with anyone on specific briefs to create vibrant and high-value glass art.

December 02, 2020 — Paul Winrow