What Can You Achieve with Art on Glass?

Developments in glass printing have allowed art glass trends to catch on fire in the UK and throughout many countries in Europe. 

Whether it’s individual artists who are now using it as their medium of choice or large companies and businesses who are commissioning large-scale installation pieces for their offices, glass wall art is incredibly popular today. 

Many designers and architects are also realising the potential that glass art has for introducing greater reflective qualities and light into a space. This has prompted greater demand for new artworks that offer a unique glow and vibrancy, in contrast to traditional paint on canvas art pieces.  

At Culzean Gifts, we’ve helped customers of all kinds searching for their own glass art pieces to add decorative value or excitement to their spaces. As such, we now offer a wide range of glass printing and glass wall art options that can be tailored to the needs of anyone. 

What Makes Glass Art Great? 

Glass artworks can be created to be fully transparent, diffused or fully opaque. This adds a whole new element to the appearance of artworks and present artists with the opportunity to adapt their designs to use light more. 

The effect of this can be art pieces that almost sparkle or glimmer. Artworks can also evolve throughout the day, as natural lighting changes. Or, artificial lighting can be added in front of or behind artworks to add additional illumination. 

Designers and clients are demanding highly customized appearances that set their interior spaces apart from others. And this is common in private homes as well as corporate spaces where people want their art pieces to stand out and look different. 

How Valuable is Glass Art? 

The value and price of glass art will always depend on what is printed on it. This is the same for glass as it is for canvas or other mediums. However, it is true that digital printing on glass is a relatively expensive application and getting it right requires a good knowledge of the process. 

You must be extremely careful about finding the right artwork that will enhance the glass design together with the right print technique. 

When everything comes together and the design or original artwork is perfectly matched to the glass medium, the results are spectacular. This creates something that can be worth a significant amount to our customers. 

Trevor Hirst Glass Art Collection 

With the above in mind, we’ve worked closely with specific artists, designers and photographers whose works are suitable for glass art.  

One of our proudest collaborations is with Trevor M Hirst who is famous for his unique prints and photography throughout the UK. Using his designs, we choose the right production methods to create final pieces that are unrivalled in depth and vivid colour. 

His experience as an artist working across several mediums allows him to produce artworks that diverge from traditional paint and canvas. Our customers can now enjoy the Trevor M Hirst collection of abstract artworks on glass and take home collectable items that truly stand out in the home environment.  

Interested in Glass Artworks? 

Glass printing covers a vast array of applications from decorative to architectural. If you’re interested in buying some truly unique glass artworks for you or a friend, browse our collection at Culzean Gifts or get in touch with us directly to talk about commissioning a unique piece.

December 11, 2020 — Paul Winrow